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Anatomy Trains in Motion

Anatomy Trains in Motion is a course specifically designed for modern movement teachers and therapists, who want to expand their professional horizon and expertise in structural integration through movement.

Whatever your movement modality – Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, Dance – Anatomy Trains in Motion offers skills that will add a new dimension to your teaching and practice.

While traditional anatomy is static, Anatomy Trains is dynamic and interconnected like the human body, which is in constant motion. Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept moves beyond mechanical ‘cause and effect’ actions of muscles to integrative relational connections of real life functional movement.

At the heart of this course are the Myofascial Meridians and their immense value as a body map for movement teachers. Understanding their anatomy, workings, sensory qualities and relationships are invaluable teaching skills that will transform your view on body reading, lesson planning and cueing.

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About Karin

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About the instructor

Portrait_KarinGurtner_3Karin is the principal educator of art of motion training in movement®, a renowned training organization for Contemporary Pilates & Slings Myofascial Training based in Switzerland and Australia. Together with her twin sister Monika, Karin founded art of motion in 2004 and since then has been lecturing and presenting for movement professionals and therapists all around the globe. Going back in time, in her early 20s Karin decided to make her love for movement and teaching her fulltime profession. She has been certified in a wide variety of movement modalities, all of which have contributed to her great appreciation for the body’s wondrous abilities. It is however, the realms of Contemporary Pilates, Yoga and Gyrokinesis where Karin feels most at home. For a decade Karin divided her living and teaching time between Switzerland and Australia. She developed the Certificate IV and Diploma in Contemporary Pilates, as well as a series of functional anatomy workshops; both the Certificate IV and Diploma in Contemporary Pilates are nationally accredited courses in Australia. During the same time, on a sunny day in Western Australia, Karin read the first pages of Anatomy Trains. Reading the book opened a whole new world of possibilities. After certifying in Kinesis Myofascial Integration and becoming an Anatomy Trains teacher, Karin developed Anatomy Trains in Motion; a joint venture between Tom Myers, James Earls and Karin. Inspired by the open-minded wholeness of Anatomy Trains and the depth of positive change that can be achieved through structural integration, Karin has also been creating a holistic movement concept called Slings Myofascial Training. Slings aims for structural balance, resilience and self-awareness through movement. It’s a concept that has been successfully implemented for a good number of years; and a comprehensive curriculum wholeheartedly embraced by movement professionals and bodyworkers with a flair for movement alike. As much as Karin loves (passionately) to learn, create and teach, she also likes to practice, explore and contemplate (quietly). It’s a very good life.



The course is designed for movement therapists

Place and Time

In March 2018 from the 16th  to 18th  Karin Gurtner will again be teaching the Anatomy Trains in Motion course in Copenhagen.

The course will take place at

Capoeiraskolen Senzala

Bernhard Bangs Allé 21

DK-2000 Frederiksberg

16/3/2018 8:15 – 15:45

17/3/2018 8:45 – 17:00

18/3/2018 8:45 – 17:00


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